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    Hello Everyone



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    Hello Everyone

    Post by Jack on Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:15 pm

    Welcome everyone to OTD (Offtopicden). I am Jack Wootton, your friendly neighbourhood Administrator. Feel free to PM me with any questions you have, may it be suggestions or just a question about OTD generally.

    We have a donation box in the footer (under the name of Contribution). I will be putting £10 in then 1.5 per month.
    I wish that other members will support in the same way, and get a exclusive usertitle Smile.

    We aim to have 100-200 members by May, which might not sound like a lot, but will be a hard task in the early days. If everyone could help with the advertising, even if it's just telling a few mates, or putting a flier up in the local town (Yes, I am gonna do that :p) or just posting on other forums.

    Feel free to ask me, or any other staff member questions, post around and get to know people better, and before you know it, it will be a thriving community.
    Hope to see you around
    Jack ~ Founder/Admin of OTD

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